Top 5 Mistakes Beginner Hikers Should Avoid

hiker mistake

Hiking is a wonderful activity to get involved in. Not only is it great exercise, but it’s also a healthy way to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life and to bond with your family, friends, or partner. It also gets you out in nature, which is always a plus. When you’re just starting out, however, it’s easy to make some common beginner mistakes that can take hiking from fun to a big pain. By planning ahead and knowing your stuff, you can avoid the five major beginner mistakes and ensure every hiking trip is a success.

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Top 10 Must Have Hiking Essentials

hiking essentials

When the time comes to pack for your hiking trip, you’ll find that there are lots of items you’ll want to bring along. However, space is limited when you’re hiking, and it’s important not to bring along unnecessary items and to only pack the essentials, the things you truly need. If you’re having trouble deciding what you need to bring along and what needs to stay behind, read on to learn about the top ten most important hiking essentials.

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How to Get Into Shape for Hiking

jogging to get into shape

Hiking is a lot of fun, but it is also a way to get some serious exercise. It’s important to realize that, if you’re not someone who hikes often (or ever), you’re not going to just be able to get out there and do a very difficult hike that lasts for hours.

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