How to Pick the Right Hiking Boots

hiking boots

When you’re planning for a hike, one of the most important things you’ll buy is your hiking boots. Having the wrong footwear can make for a miserable hike, one that ends in blisters and foot pain. Having the right footwear, however, will ensure an enjoyable, pleasant hike that you can see through to the end. To make sure you get the right boots for your trip, carefully follow these useful tips.

Get a Perfect Fit

Obviously, you need your hiking boots to fit and to fit well. That’s why spending some time finding the perfect size is very important. You can visit any hiking goods store and have your feet professionally measured for free to know the exact size you need.

It’s recommended that you get your feet measured and try on boots near the end of your day. Feet tend to swell throughout the day- and they definitely will when you’re hiking- so you want to get boots that fit your feet in any condition.

When you try on boots, also make sure you wear the socks that you plan to wear on your hiking trip so you can factor those into selecting your fit.

Also, don’t just sit down, try on your boots, and then pick a pair. You are going to be moving (a lot!) in these boots, so get up and walk around the store.

See how they fit, notice if they are too tight or uncomfortable anywhere; any discomfort you experience in the store is only going to intensify on a long hiking trip, so don’t ignore or discount any problems with the fit, no matter how small.

Finally, if you plan on shopping online to save money, you should still go through these steps in a store. That way, you can find your perfect fit and then order the exact brand and size you need online.

Consider Quality

Everyone likes to save money, but you should never sacrifice quality for a cheap price! Hiking books need to be able to support and protect your feet during a long hike, so going for cheap boots that don’t do what they promise is never smart. It’s always worth it to get great boots, even if they cost a little more than you wanted to spend.

To ensure you get good, strong boots, research well-known hiking boot brands online and then choose a good, known brand that’s within your budget. Also, get up close and personal with boots you are thinking of buying. Look for strong, even stitching, firmly connected soles, and a hard, strong feel.

You can usually tell if a boot is well-made pretty easily, and taking the time to do a quick inspection now is a whole lot better than having your boots fall apart on the trail.

Break Them In

Once you have purchased boots using these tips, don’t make the mistake of not trying them on again until hiking day! Like most shoes, boots need time to get “broken in.” You need to get used to how they feel on your feet, and they need to start molding to the shape of your feet.

Wearing the socks you intend to wear on your hike, put on your boots whenever you go for a walk. Even if you’re just going to the mailbox, any time you spend in your boots pre-hike is beneficial for you and them.

If you can follow these useful tips, you should end up with awesome hiking boots, which will lead to an even more awesome hike!